Sunday, 26 May 2019

This bottle of water promises to be a sustainable alternative to plastic

CH200se developed a bottle that decomposes in a few months and that might be an alternative to plastic.

About one million plastic bottles are sold every minute in the world and according to a recent study by Orb Media, a non-profit journalistic organization, this bottles have thousands of dangerous microplastic particles.

British scientist James Longcroft has developed a bottle of water that might be the solution to lessen the problem, CH20ose. The project seeks collective funding through IndieGoGo and has already raised almost £ 35,000.

According to the creators, the bottle is completely biodegradable, made from sustainable, recyclable products and its decomposition occurs in a non-toxic way in a few months. Despite these informations, the material used inside of the bottle is not revealed – the exterior is made of recycled paper.

The CH2oose bottles are expected to reach the UK market by the end of the year costing about $1 each.
In addition to seeking to minimize the impacts of plastic on the environment, the initiative also has a social purpose. Through a partnership with Water for Africa, the project wants to donate 100% of its profits to improve access to water in Africa.

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