Sunday, 26 May 2019

This bottle bracelet is the reason why creativity makes our life easier

Thirst or boredom will never be a problem again. Taking some tequila or coffee has become an easy task with this bracelet that works like a bottle and an accessory at the same time.

The trend emerged in 2013 when New York designer Cynthia Rowley released silver and gold pieces which prices started at $ 225. Each bracelet holds 90 ml, the equivalent of two drinks.

Although the original pieces were patented by Cynthia, several other brands have already invested in similar creations, combining accessories with the consumption of beverages. One of the most creative versions is the Area Ware brand, which has created porcelain bracelets with a cork stopper. Available in blue, white or black, each piece comes out for $ 35.

On Amazon , a silver version  is available for $ 26.99. This bracelet lets you drink even more with capacity for 100 ml.

Blush also has a rainbow version to shine while taking a few drinks. The piece has a cost of US $ 44.99.

So, have you chosen yours?

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