Sunday, 26 May 2019

Recycling your coffee capsules – ways to do it

Nespresso started a revolution in the consumption of coffee. With the brand´s success, came the responsiblity to recycle the coffee capsules.


Recycling Nespresso

The recycling of Nespresso capsules is a reality. Aluminum is recycled in new packaging and coffee is used as fertilizer.

But there is also the possibility of transforming waste into new objects of different types (also known as UPcycling); bringing new life to what could become problematic trash.

So Nespresso had an idea:

Victorinox Pocket Knife

Victorinox has joined Nespresso to show how far the upcycling process can go – and launched the Pioneer Nespresso Dharkan, a pocketknife made from 24 recycled capsules. The capsules are melted to reach the brand’s high standard on pocketknives.


Now we have some ideas for you:


1. Decorative lights

The capsules work perfectly as small domes for decorative lamps – thus transforming something usually ordinary into beautiful decorative lighting. To do this, it is necessary to remove the bottom of the used capsules, to take advantage of the colors of the different flavors as an element of style.


The possibilities are diverse and the results are all incredible:


2. Vertical garden

Create an incredible vertical garden on a wall in your house, The coffee capsules serve as a perfect miniature vase. Of course you need to select small plants that can grow in small pots – but the result is a beauty, perfect for a small garden indoors.



3.  Popsicle shapes

Just prepare a delicious juice, fill the used capsules, put a toothpick and take them to the freezer. What would be rubbish turns into a perfect shape of funny miniature popsicles.



4. Office Organizers

A desk can become a real chaos in a matter of moments. To avoid such an inconvenience, coffee capsules can serve as perfect organizers for storing all sorts of small objects – such as paper clips, tacks, and more.


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