Sunday, 26 May 2019

Mi Smart Sneakers 2: Xiaomi launches smart sneakers with connectivity

Xiaomi is lauching a new product – smart sneakers aimed at sports and tech lovers, the Mi Smart Sneakers 2. The novelty promises to track all the steps accurately and report the calories lost throughout the day.

This wearable piece of tech presents a sleek design and improved quality compared to the edition released earlier this year. The sole is produced using a method called Uni-Molding, which melts five layers of different materials into a single body. One of these layers is made of INFUSE, proprietary material from Dow Chemical (DuPont) capable of adding resilience to the sole, avoiding detachment by use and providing more comfort and stability.

Mi Smart Sneakers 2 are smart and fashionable (Photo: Disclosure / Xiaomi)

The upper part of the sneaker is manufactured in a three-dimensional process that goes without the seam. According to the manufacturer, the sneakers mold to the shape of your foot and you can use a washing machine to clean them without any problem.

Mi Smart Sneakers 2 features a sensor that works with the Mi Fit application. It is possible to accurately track your steps, track the distance traveled and the calories burned, separating your walks by breaks. The shoe is available in five different colors: black and white, blue and red, black, white and orange. The price is about 199 Yuan.

Mi Smart Sneakers 2 is available in five different colors (Photo: Diving / Xiaomi)


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