Sunday, 26 May 2019

iPhone X Tesla – charge it with solar energy

The iPhone X Tesla is the latest release of Caviar, a Russian company known for its luxurious customizations.

The price, however, is even higher than the $ 999 charged in the United States. The cheapest, 64GB, costs $ 4,555. The Tesla 256 GB price is US $ 4,805.

The company will manufacture 999 units of iPhone X Tesla, which will be numbered in production order. The smartphone is shipped to any country in the world with no delivery charge, which does not exclude local taxes. The first unit will be given to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, who inspired the device and Caviar itself.

iPhone X Tesla, the top version of Apple with solar panel, has an initial price of $ 4,555 (Photo: Caviar) .

The iPhone X Tesla is nothing more than an ordinary iPhone X with a solar panel attached to the back. The panel has its own battery to store solar energy and to power the iPhone battery.

It is resistant to water and dust.

Besides some details, the iPhone X Tesla brings exactly the same settings and features as the iPhone X sold by Apple. Another striking feature of the model is the Face ID sensor.

Caviar’s # 1 handset will feature an extra recording of “Made on Earth by Humans”, a tribute to the message sent to space by SpaceX, another Musk company.

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