Sunday, 26 May 2019

In Paris, abandoned bookstore turns into stylish hostel with 4,500 books

La Librarie is part of a project called Paris Boutik, which restores traditional outdated stores and transforms them into lodging.

The parisian bookstore La Librarie has become popular for offering a few nights for travelers to sleep between books.  Without altering the essence or the aesthetics, the project Paris Boutik restored the old space and transformed it into a hostel. The bookstore  gained a new life, but keeps the charm.

La Librarie is space capable of hosting up to 4 people in a large library, offering about 4,500 books. Inside, there is also a coffee machine, minibar, sink and bathroom, as well as a delicious and immense mattress that invites not only reading but also the deepest sleep – properly protected from external noise and light thanks to glass and special curtains.

And the books are everywhere – including the bathroom and kitchen. La Librarie is in the upper district of Marais, surrounded by restaurants, galleries and other bookstores. The overnight for two people costs 275 euros or about 330 dollars.

In the past, the most important bookstore in Paris was Shakespeare & Co. and it became famous not only for its founder, Sylvia Beach, the first to publish James Joyce’s  book Ulysses, but also because the bookstore served, since its foundation in 1919, as a lodging to thousands of people. Artists, writers and travelers used Shakespeare & Co. to spend the night among some of the best books on sale in the French capital.




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