Sunday, 26 May 2019

Finland has a private island just for women

Kristina Roth, an american businesswoman created SuperShe Island, a private island just for women in Finland, on the Baltic Sea coast.

The idea came after Kristina spent several restorative holidays in California without the male presence. She found out that men seem to mess with the relaxing vibrations. “When there’s a cute guy around, women immediately put on the lipstick”, she told The Post. “The idea of SuperShe Island is to focus on yourself – forgeting the hormones for a while.”

Roth decided to embrace this project after falling in love with the place. “My parents have an island there and they kept telling me, the next island is for sale,” she added. “I said, I wasn´t interested, but once I saw the place, I fell in love.” And she bought it.  So far, only Kristina and her friends have been there, but from June on, Supershe island will start receiving the first guests.

“Activities in and around the island such as hiking, kayaking, water skiing, yoga and some courses on subjects such as nutrition will be a great experience on many levels. To reinvent yourselfself, to exchange ideas, to do business, to feel sexy getting fit and to learn a new hobby or two”, said the businesswoman. And no substances, the idea is to “focus on health and well-being”.


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