Sunday, 26 May 2019
Category: Explore

PurePods – New Zealand glass houses

PurePods are a full experience to our senses. The walls, the ceiling and the floor are made of glass. What if you didn´t have to look out the window to admire nature´s beauty and still lie down looking at the sky and its countless stars? That is the idea behind PurePods, small glass houses created […]

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Finland has a private island just for women

Kristina Roth, an american businesswoman created SuperShe Island, a private island just for women in Finland, on the Baltic Sea coast. The idea came after Kristina spent several restorative holidays in California without the male presence. She found out that men seem to mess with the relaxing vibrations. “When there’s a cute guy around, women […]

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The first luxury hotel in space is almost ready

This luxury hotel in space is 332 kilometers away from earth and will be ready in 2021. Orion Span Inc. is the startup responsible for the space hotel Aurora Station. What they offer is unique: orbiting the Earth 332 kilometers away, at a speed that guarantees a loop around the planet every 90 minutes. There will […]

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