Sunday, 26 May 2019

3D Animal latte art is adorable and too cute to drink

3D coffee art is already a trend. If you ever wanted 3D animal latte art on top of your cappuccino, this is for you.

The latte art started in Asia and features a range of animals — from dogs to sloths to porcupines to all sorts of exotic creatures in between. To create these little masterpieces, the artists use coffee foam, food coloring and carob powder.

Names like Daphe Tan and Kazuki Yamamoto are a reference in the 3D coffee art.

One of the places you can find 3D animal latte art is at My Cofi, a creative cafe in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. You’ll have to wait about 10 minutes for your drink once you place your order. Customers can also come into the coffee shop with pet photos and ask the artists to create personalized lattes.

The so-called “latte art” is also big in Japan, where local baristas conjure up cute sculptures out of the foam on the top of a coffee.

While these 3D coffee drinks are incredibly cute, they cost more than the average latte. My Cofi charges up to $23 per drink.


But you’re guaranteed to rack up some serious likes when you have animals bouncing on top of your macchiatos. So if you want to do it yourself, you can. Enjoy a similar drink without acquiring the skills of the latte artists!


Takara Tomy has a  line-up of fun and original cooking toys with this 3D Latte Art Maker Awa Taccino.



3D Latte Art Maker Awa Taccino
Available in white or brown versions, the 3D Latte Art Maker allows you to create foam sculptures. How about a rabbit, bear, frog, or cat? All you need is some milk and then the Awa Taccino will blend and dispense the milky foam in a way that’s easy to control and “sculpt” into your choice of latte art.


Use syrup to decorate your creation with eyes, a mouth, and so on. Here are some examples to give you ideas.


The 3D Latte Art Maker Awa Taccino features:

  • Colors: brown, white
  • Blending time: 1 minute
  • Makes 1-2 portions per session (40ml, 1.4 fl oz of milk)
  • Power: AA batteries x 2 (not included)



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